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1Win Aviator India: All You Need to Know

TypeInstant/crash game
Min. betINR 7
Max betINR 7000
Date of launchFebruary 2019
1Win Aviator game
1Win Aviator

What is the 1Win Aviator game?

The 1Win Aviator game is a crash game powered by Spribe. It’s one of the most popular crash games and the first to release its type.

The quick and easy gameplay makes it truly enjoyable and addicting. Each game lasts for a few minutes. It’s, therefore, easy to make big wins at the game at 1Win. 

Keep reading to learn how to play the Aviator game at 1Win. 

How Do I Start Playing the Aviator Game at 1Win?

1Win is one of the reputed online casinos that provides free access to Aviator. As a new player at 1 Win, you only need to register yourself at the casino to get started.

Registration at 1Win is done in one step. There are two ways of registering at 1Win:

  1. Quick: The quick method requires creating an account through email and password.
  2. Social: Here, you can create your account using any social media, like Google, Telegram, Reddit, etc.

Just click on Register, make your first deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and play the Aviator game on 1Win. That’s it!

1Win Aviator Welcome Bonus

You can take advantage of the 1Win welcome bonus to play Aviator. You can get up to a 500% match deposit bonus at 1Win if you make four consecutive deposits.

If you choose to make only the first minimum deposit of 100 INR, you get a 200% match deposit bonus, i.e., 200 INR as a welcome bonus. This means after the first deposit, you will have at least INR 200 to place bets on the Aviator game.

A round of game on 1Win requires a minimum of INR 7. This means that you can play many Aviator rounds with your first deposit at 1Win.

1Win Aviator Mobile Apps

Mobile application
Mobile app

Spribe has its own official website, wherein players can enjoy playing Aviator. However, playing it through the official website deprives you of special bonuses and offers you get on online casinos. The 1Win mobile app is thus the best place to play the Aviator game.

The 1Win mobile app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones. All you have to do is visit the official website of 1Win through your mobile browser. Next, click ‘1Win for Mobile’, and the file will be downloaded directly to your mobile.

Algorithm and Rules of Aviator Game in India

Aviator games work on a simple algorithm. As you place the bet, the round starts. This means the coefficient of the multiplier starts multiplying with the help of artificial intelligence. The multiplier can randomly stop at any moment. If the player does not cash out before the multiplier stops, they lose the entire bet.

If the player cashouts before the multiplier stops, the bet win amount will be calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the multiplier coefficient.

While winning the Aviator game purely depends on your luck, and there are no tactics to follow, it’s still important to know the different features of the game in India.

Social option

If you are a social bird, the social in-chat option can double your excitement about playing Aviator. The chat is open to all live players, where they can showcase their scores and share their love for the game. You can find the screen to the right of the screen on the desktop version.

Live chat
1Win chat


The Aviator interface also has a live statistics tab wherein players can see their top bets and live bets. They can also see the biggest bet multipliers won by other players. The statistics tab is found on the left side of the game screen.

Two bets

1Win Aviator game allows players to place two bets on the same round. For instance, you can set the first bet at a lower amount and another at a slightly higher amount. You can also place both bets for the same amount.

Two bets
 Placing two bets


The autoplay feature of the game allows players to place bets for a set number of rounds automatically. You can use the ‘autoplay settings’ option to stop the autoplay feature automatically when a certain limit is crossed.

Rain promotion

Rain promotion is the most unique feature of the 1Win Aviator game. Rain promotions give players free bets. To claim them, you need to keep a close eye on the live chat. When you see free bets raining in the chat section, you only have to click on the ‘Claim’ button and get a free round. 

Does Aviator Support Demo Gaming?

Not sure if you understand the gameplay of the Aviator game yet? No worries; you do not have to place bets with real money yet. You can instead choose to play the 1Win Aviator demo game. This will help you know how to place bets, when the plane crashes, when the plane flies, how the multiplier increases, when the next round starts, how to place two bets, and more.

You need to click on the ‘Fun Mode’ button to start the demo game. The demo game introduces every game feature, from placing two bets to the auto-bet feature to the auto-cashout feature. You can explore all the features in the demo game with no fear of losing. Once you have understood how the game works, you are ready to play with real money.

However, at 1Win, you cannot play the demo play without making your first deposit.

Aviator Game Secret Tips and Strategy

While the 1Win Aviator game is 100% based on Provably Fair technology, you can follow certain game tips and strategies to minimize losses.

After playing the demo game for a while, you can start playing with real money with small bets. You can initially place bets as small as INR 7 and gradually increase as you win multiple small bets.

The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier coefficient. A player who aims for a higher multiplier can lose at any point as the plane crashes. It’s, therefore, advisable to cash out sooner rather than lose the whole bet amount.

A player can never predict how long the plane will fly before it crashes. Therefore, it’s not advisable to try seeking patterns. The game is purely based on luck.

Winning Strategy: How to Win the 1Win Aviator Betting Game?

There is no winning strategy to follow at the 1Win Aviator betting game. You can never lose big at 1Win Aviator if you play responsibly.

The player can make many small wins by setting small bets and cashing out early. The longer you wait for the multiplier to rise, the higher the chances that the plane will crash before you can cash out.

There is no way one can know if the plane will fly for longer in the next round. You can gradually increase the bet amount once you have made several small wins. This way, you are not risking losing and may end up winning.

Is 1Win Aviator Licensed? 

1Win Aviator is powered by Spribe, which is a reputed software provider. Spribe is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. Spribe is also known for its other games like Mini Roulette, Hot Line, Dice, and Goal.

1Win Aviator is legal and safe to play in all regards.

Aviator FAQ

What is the biggest multiplier that I can claim?

Players claim they have seen multipliers at Aviator games go as high as x800 and over. The multiplier starts at x1 but can go as high as your luck permits.

How can I withdraw my 1Win Aviator bonus?

The 1Win Aviator bonus will be transferred to the player’s main account only when the player loses money in the casino on the previous day. The percentage of funds will be transferred to the main account depending on the amount of the loss.

Is Aviator game available on mobile?

Yes, you can play 1Win Aviator on mobile using the 1Win mobile app. The 1Win app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Why is 1Win the best casino to play Aviator?

1Win is the best site to play Aviator because 1Win is safe and legalized. It has an active license, and it can ensure that your winnings are yours to keep.

Is Aviator licensed?

Yes, Aviator by Spribe is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Can I win a lot of money in 1Win Aviator?

Yes, winning a lot of money at 1Win Aviator in no time is possible. If you risk placing a higher bet and manage to cash out at a higher multiplier, your big win is promised. You can even turn your small bet into a big win if you cash out at a higher multiplier coefficient, like x50 or above.