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1Win App for Mobile – Everything you Want to Know

Mobile version, application, desktop software version, installation process, APK file download, interface features, and special offers for app users – these and some more topics are covered in the text below. So, if you what to be a 1Win app expert, the next 10 minutes will be 100% helpful.

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1Win App General Information

1win is a worldwide-known betting and gambling platform. The company started the development in 2018 and along the way they worked on the development of the website, they have worked on the mobile application to please not only computer users but also those who choose to gamble on their mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

App priceFreeFreeFree
Available in storesNot presented in App StoreNot presented in Google Play MarketNot presented in Microsoft Store
Sports BettingAvailable after sign-up Available after sign-up Available after sign-up 
CasinoAvailable after sign-up Available after sign-up Available after sign-up 
Supported countriesIndia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland, Australia, etc.India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland, Australia, etcIndia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland, Australia, etc

Android 1Win App

1Win mobile app for Android devices is an ideal solution for those of you who want to be agile and to have access to your betting account whenever you want. Once you’ve decided to download the 1win app, consider that there is no 1Win app in the Google play market, if you find one, don’t rush to install it, this app might be produced by third parties, and 1win cannot guarantee confidentiality.

1win app for Android

The most secure option if you want to have a 1win app in a distance of one tap, is to download it from the official 1win website. In this case, you have to download the APK file first and then continue with the app installation. Well, let’s go through the process step-by-step.

7 Steps to launch 1Win app from APK file

  1. Open the 1Win official site on your mobile device.
  2. If it didn’t open the mobile version automatically, then in the left top corner click on the mobile icon to switch manually.
  3. Scroll the page to the very bottom, here you see the button Application for Android, tap it.
  4. The download of the 1Win APK file would start automatically.
  5. Check the settings of your device, and make sure that you’ve enabled the installation of applications from third parties.
  6. Once the download is finished, open the file and install the application.
  7. Finally, installation is over, click on the 1Win app icon and log in to your betting account.

1Win app for Android system requirements

Android version5.0 and more
1win app version1.4.1
Android APK file size42,89 Mb
Free space on the device for the 1win app150 Mb
Random access memory1Gb

1Win app update

1Win team constantly develops the android version of the app, adds new features, and uploads special bonuses available only in the 1 win app, so to catch the news, enable automatic application updates. In most cases 1win app updates seamlessly, but sometimes it might ask you to approve the update manually.

Once the 1win app gets a new version, your android device would send you a special notification, just follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Open the notification
  2. Confirm download and installation of the android APK update file
  3. Wait for all processes to finish and enjoy the best 1win mobile app.

iOS Version of the 1Win Mobile App

If you are a user of iOS devices, there is no reason for you to be upset. Unlike many other online casinos and betting companies, 1Win managed to produce a great mobile application for Apple devices as well.

1Win app for iOS devices provides users with a great user experience application with the adaptive interface of the mobile casino games and sports betting section.

Get the 1Win iOS version of the application in 6 steps

  1. Open the 1win official site in your mobile browser.
  2. The system must automatically open the mobile website version, if you see the desktop one, tap on the mobile icon in the left top corner.
  3. Go to the very bottom of the page until you see the button with the iOS icon. It says Application for iOS, click it.
  4. The dialogue window would ask you to confirm the download 1win app. Tap the confirmation button.
  5. Wait for the download to finish.
  6. Once the process is over, go to the home screen of your iOS device, if you followed the instructions correctly, here you see the mobile app icon.

We know that the download process isn’t the one that iOS users are used to, but App Store doesn’t place casino or betting apps on their platform officially. So if you see the one in the App Store, probably the app shouldn’t be trusted, it isn’t an official 1win product, and 1win betting company can’t promise your personal data security.

1Win app system requirements for iOS devices

For the correct work of the application, before the installation remember to check out the following minimum system requirements.

iOS version10 and more
1win app version1.4.1
Free space on the device for the 1win app150 Mb
Random access memory1 Gb
Apple device modeliPhone 4 and up, iPod Touch 5 and up, iPad 2 and up, (including iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro models)

iOS 1win app update

Once the 1win app for iOS devices is not presented in the App Store, the update process also won’t go as iOS users are used to. Though the update doesn’t take more effort than the 1win app download. Actually, the process is identical.

Go to the official 1win website once a couple of months to check if there are any updates available.

1Win Mobile Version in One Tap for iOS devices

If you feel that the download 1win app might be risky for your device, then you may like this little trick. iOS devices have a special feature to add a special icon on the home screen of your phone or tablet to have direct access to the site you visit regularly. This feature is especially appreciated by iPhone users.

Quick access to the 1win mobile version

  1. Open the 1win official site in the Safari mobile browser.
  2. In the menu tap on the Share icon.
  3. In the dialogue, window select Add to Home Screen.
  4. Now type in the app for the icon, and click on Add.
  5. Go to the home screen, here is quick access to the 1win mobile version of the official site.

1Win App Features

There is no surprise that the 1Win company is very passionate about the products that they produce. They put so much effort into the mobile apps for android and iOS devices, that there are even some customers who choose the mobile app over the full version of the platform. So, let’s figure out why the 1win app is so good and how the betting process works, how the same casino games are transformed for mobile devices.

Play casino games in the 1Win app

The user experience with the regular casino games and live casino tables has no real difference from the full desktop version. Once you enter the gambling space you see all the casino games you are used to, and it takes you no extra actions to enter a gaming room.

Full version of one of the most popular one win online casino games, Lucky Jet
Full version of one of the most popular one win online casino games, Lucky Jet

For example, let’s compare the user interface of the Lucky Jet game on a desktop and mobile app. As you can see in the mobile app the game interface is optimized for the mobile device requirements, which makes the gaming experience on the mobile device more comfortable.

All the Lucky Jet important buttons and charts are easy to navigate through and users can reach them at any moment.

Mobile version of the Lucky Jet casino game
Mobile version of the Lucky Jet casino game

Similarly, if you choose to play live casino tables (card games or roulette) you see a screen with a dealer and all the tools of the chosen game. So it doesn’t matter if you play casino games on your phone or computer, in both cases the experience would satisfy you.

Sports betting in the 1Win app

In the case of sports betting the situation is pretty much the same. 1Win team managed to release an excellent application that covers all the requirements of their users.

When you open the sports betting section in the application you see only the list of available sports options to place bets. As well, as in the full version you can choose from regular sports football, basketball, hockey, and cricket betting options, check out virtual sports betting options: StarCraft 2, eSoccer, Dota 2, etc.

In the 1win app, the sports betting section is separated into two screens Spots and Events, so the screen is optimized to show you only the betting options that you are interested in.


If you scroll down the section you see only the list of sports you can choose from when you know the sport you want to place bets on, click on it and choose the event you want.


If you came to the 1win app to place bets on exact events open the Events section, here you can easily find the event you like. For example, if you want to place a bet on the Indian premier league match, you enter the Events section, choose the league the match, and place bets.

In the 1win app different types of bets are available:

Betting events in the 1win mobile application
Betting events in the 1win mobile application

Registration and Login in the 1Win App

If you choose to start your gambling entertainment on 1win straight out from the app, there is no issue to worry about. When you enter the 1win app on iOS or Android devices at the very top of the screen you see two big buttons Sign in and Sign up at first click on the Sign up button.

1win sign in, become new customers in one-two-three
The 1win registration form in the app is the same as the one on the official website of 1win.

1Win registration in the mobile app

The 1 win mobile software provides you with the same user experience as you would have had with the full computer version of the site, which is why the registration process has no particular difference.

Simple sign up guide

  1. Tap on the Sign up button.
  2. Fill in the registration form with your personal data (Name, birthday, residential address, cell phone number, email address, password, preferred currency, and promo code if you have one).
  3. Accept the terms and conditions of the 1win platform.
  4. Confirm that you are over 18 y. o.
  5. Reaffirm that you have not been self-excluded from any other bedding and gambling platforms in the past year.
  6. Click on the Register button.

After the registration form is filled out and the application is sent to the 1win security team wait for the confirmation letter at the indicated e-mail address.

1Win app login

Smooth login dialog window
The smooth login dialog window

As for the login, there is nothing extraordinary as well. Tap on the Sign in button (next to the Sign up one) and fill in regular login information: email or phone number and password.

If you used a social media account for registration, you should just tap the icon of the social media you have used and you would enter the 1win account right away.

1Win Bonuses and Promo Codes in the Mobile App

As we have mentioned earlier 1win gives a special bonus for using the 1win app. The 1Win App Bonus activates right after the application is installed and you have entered the 1win account. When Indian players enter the 1win app for the first time they are rewarded with 7,300 INR.

1Win welcome bonus in the mobile app

If you are new to the platform remember to activate a 1win generous welcome bonus with your first deposit. To be approved for the welcome bonus you must:

  1. Be a newly registered user;
  2. Be ready to make the first deposit.

1win welcome bonus features

1Win Promo Code

In addition to bonuses, you may also apply special promo codes to get some extra cash or free spins in the casino slots.

On our main page, we have listed the 3 most popular promocodes used by 1win users, and additionally, you may also try to activate 1BONUS2021.

To get the gift from the promo code remember to type it in in the registration form and it will be granted along with your first deposit.

Banking Metods in the 1Win App

Bringing up the bonuses topic we come to the point of deposit and withdrawal methods available in the mobile app.

As we have already mentioned several times the 1win app slightly has different functions from the full desktop version. The same goes with the banking methods all the payment systems listed on the official 1win website are available in android and iOS apps.

Payment limits in the 1win app

Minimum depositMinimum withdrawal
Skrill300 INR500 INR
Astropay300 INR500 INR
Paysafe300 INR500 INR
PayTM300 INR500 INR
Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.)Contact 1win customer service for informationContact 1win customer service for information
Visa400 INR735 INR
Neteller300 INR500 INR
Mastercard400 INR735 INR
Google pay300 INR500 INR
Webmoney300 INR500 INR
Apple pay300 INR500 INR

In terms of payment operating systems, we should highlight that the platform has instant deposits and quick withdrawals (maximum time for a withdrawal operation is 3,5 hours). Unlike many other companies the 1win bookmaker’s office doesn’t take any commission from users for any kind of transaction, so 100% of the sum you have sent to or from your account remains in your pocket and doesn’t go to the big companies’ wallets.

1Win App Custome Support Service

The additional feature that is highly appreciated by 1win app users is a smooth integration of the customer support service in a form of an online chat inbuilt into the app. To open the chat you can either open the menu on the right side of the screen and scroll down. At the bottom of the menu section, there is a button Support 24/7 click it to open chat with the 1win support team window.

Button in the 1win app to open live chat with support managers
Button in the 1win app to open live chat with support managers

Alternatively, start from the home page of the app, and scroll down until you see the blue button Chat, tap it, and ask your question.

In case you face any difficulties with either the mobile version or the application, feel free to contact 1Win support managers to find the solution to the situation you face. 1win managers are the most responsive throughout the whole online gambling market.

Mobile Browser Version vs. 1Win App

If you are still lost and don’t know if you want to download the 1win app or stick with the mobile site version, here is a comparison table we the most valuable highlights.

1win mobile website version1win app
No need to download the 1win appHighly well-developed user-friendly interface
The mobile website is slightly different from the appExtra bonus for 1 win app download and sign in
You don’t have to make any changes to phone settingsIt doesn’t affect negatively the smartphone’s security settings
Ultimately works with any operating systemThe best gambling platform is within a distance of one tap on your mobile phone
Casino games and betting interface are perfectly optimized for mobile devices

Final Thoughts

If you still didn’t figure out what option to choose a mobile application or just a mobile version of the official website, consider the average usage of applications on your smartphone or tablet. There is no unique solution for everyone, some people prefer to avoid downloading and installation of new software on their devices and some hate browser versions of various sites.

With 1win we can only be sure that does not matter what option you choose, it won’t affect your gambling or batting experience at all. Try each available option and find the one that suits you most.

1Win Application F. A. Q.

Is the 1win mobile app official?

1Win does have an official application, but it can only be downloaded from the 1win official website. 1Win mobile app is not listed in the App Store or Google Play Market.

Is the 1win app legal in India?

As well as the official 1win website, the 1win application is legal in India.

How much is it to download the 1win app?

As the app installation files are available only on the 1win website, it is free of charge.

Is the 1Win mobile app safe?

It is 100% safe to download and install the application if you get it on the 1win official website, otherwise 1win company is not responsible for any game from mobile software you download from side resources.

How do I download the app from the Google Play store?

Unfortunately, the 1win app is not presented in the Google Play store. Though it is not a problem at all! Just go to the 1win site, click on the android icon, download the 1win app APK for operating systems android, install the app, and enjoy numerous betting options.

great job, team 1win

Oh my! Computers are RIP for me. All my routine is on my phone, the app is great, and I regularly bet on football, baseball, and hockey, but the choice of other sports is more than average.

Lucky boy

it is really comfy to withdraw money

I’m new to all the bookmaker’s office and sports markets stuff. I just got used to the desktop interface and got the app and it takes time to learn how to use it. But, it is really comfy to withdraw money with the app, thanks.


I like this app!

At first, I thought that there is no 1win app for my google pixel, apk helped. Cricket betting is top, though I still think the computer version is better, the phone screen is not enough.